5В070400 - Computing machinery and software

Educational program of the specialty 5В070400 - Computing machinery and software

1.The purpose and objectives of the educational program in the specialty 5B070400 - Computers and software

The purpose of the educational program is the training of specialists in IT-technologies whose objects of professional activity are a set of means of methods and methods of human activity aimed at the creation and application of software products, hardware and software of computer systems and networks in solving social and professional problems. The main task of the professional compulsory program for the preparation of graduates in the specialty 5B070400 - Computer technology and software is to provide conditions for:

- obtaining a full-fledged basic education in fundamental disciplines;

- obtaining high-quality vocational education in the specialty;

- mastering the humanitarian culture, ethical and legal norms;

- students' choice of an individual study program;

- continuing education at the next stage of higher professional education.

2.Competences of the graduate in the specialty 5В070400 - Computer equipment and software, formed as a result of mastering the educational program

Achievement of the goal and objectives of the educational program contributes to the formation of the following competencies:

General cultural competence is characterized by the fact that the graduate must have a culture of thinking, know his general laws, be able to correctly and logically format his results in written and oral speech.

The graduate must:

- to have an idea: about ethical and spiritual values; About sociological approaches to the individual, the main laws and forms of regulation of social behavior; On the nature of power and political life, political relations and processes, the role of political systems in the life of society and various social groups; On the role of consciousness and self-awareness in the behavior, communication and activities of people, the formation and formation of personality;

- understand: the role of science in the development of civilization, the relationship of science and technology; The basic mechanisms of the psyche, the correlation of natural and artificial factors in the formation of personality; The role of culture in human life; The role of physical culture in the formation of the human personality and the training of a specialist;

- to know: social and ethical values based on public opinion, traditions, customs, social norms and orient oneself to them in their professional activities; Traditions and culture of the people of Kazakhstan; Rights and freedoms of man and citizen; Bases of the legal system and legislation of Kazakhstan; Trends in the social development of society; The foundations of physical culture and the principles of a healthy lifestyle;

- be able to: adequately navigate in various social situations; Express and substantiate their position on problems relating to the value attitude to the historical past; To find compromises, to correlate one's opinion with the opinion of the collective;

- own: ethical and legal standards of conduct; A system of practical knowledge and skills that ensure the acquisition, development, improvement and activation of psychophysical abilities and qualities, the acquisition, preservation and promotion of health, the ability to work in a team, correctly defend one's point of view, offer new solutions;

- be tolerant of the traditions, culture of other nations of the world;

- strive for professional and personal growth.

The graduate must possess the following professional competencies:

In the field of design and technological activities:

- collection and analysis of initial data for design;

- designing software and hardware (systems, devices, parts, programs, databases, etc.) in accordance with the technical assignment using design automation tools;

- development and execution of design and working technical documentation;

- control of compliance of the projects and technical documentation being developed with standards, technical conditions and other normative


- conducting preliminary feasibility study of design calculations. .

In the field of production and technological activities:

- application of modern tools for software development;

- application of Web technologies in the implementation of remote access in client / server systems and distributed computing;

- use of standards and standard methods for monitoring and evaluating the quality of software products;

- Participation in work on automation of technological processes in the course of preparation of production of new products;

- development and application of modern software and methodological complexes of research and automated design of professional activity objects.

In the field of organizational and management activities:

- the ability to organize workplaces, their technical equipment.