6B06103 Computer equipment and software

 Passport of the educational program 6B06103 Computer equipment and software 

  1. The purpose of the educational program: 

Training of competitive programmers and specialists in the field of modern IT technologies, automation, circuitry and robotics to work in computer and information services of government bodies, industrial enterprises, financial organizations, research institutions, design organizations, educational institutions, commercial companies

The graduate of this educational program is awarded an academic Bachelor's degree in information and communication technologies in the educational program 6B06103 Computer engineering and software

The sphere of professional activity of graduates of the OP Computer technology and software is public and private enterprises and organizations that develop, implement and use computer technology and software in various fields, namely: industry, science and education, health, culture, agriculture, service, public administration, etc.

Key principles of the program:

  • Conforms to international standards: subject descriptors, cycle and learning level (eg Dublin descriptors, requirements of accreditation agencies and expectations of strategic partners);
  • Focused on the labor market and consumers;
  • Based on the principle of constructive consistency and consistency: the graduate's model, goals, planned learning outcomes, assessment and teaching methods;
  • Integrated with the latest research and innovation in professional practice
  1. Graduate qualification model 

A graduate of the educational program 6В06103 Computer equipment and software can carry out the following professional activities: design and engineering; production and technological; experimental research; organizational and managerial; operational.

A graduate of the educational program 6В06103 Computing equipment and software can solve various professional problems in accordance with the types of professional activities:

  • design of the architecture of components of hardware and software systems and the corresponding human-machine interfaces;
  • the use of computer technology, programming tools for the implementation of computer systems for information processing and control;
  • installation, configuration and maintenance of system, instrumental and applied software, computer technology and computer systems for information processing and control;
  • maintenance of software products, computer systems for information processing and control.

Possesses leadership qualities, entrepreneurial skills, is adaptable to global challenges.