6В06102 Information systems

 Passport of the educational program 6В06102 Information systems 

  1. The purpose of the educational program: 

Training of highly qualified IT specialists who are able to carry out professional activities aimed at the design, development, implementation and administration of information systems in various fields of human activity

A graduate of this educational program is awarded an academic Bachelor's degree in information and communication technologies in the educational program 6B06102 Information systems.

The sphere of professional activity of bachelor 6B06102 Information systems are: industry, science, education, culture, health, agriculture, public administration. The objects of professional activity of the bachelor OP 6B06102 Information systems are: enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership that develop, implement and operate information systems in various fields of human activity.

Key principles of the program:

  • Focused on the labor market and consumers
  • Основаны на принципе конструктивной согласованности и соответствия: модели выпускника, целям, планируемым результатам обучения, методам оценивания и преподавания;
  • Интегрированы с последними  исследованиями и инновациями в профессиональной деятельности
  • Complies with international standards: subject descriptors, cycle and learning level (eg Dublin descriptors, requirements of accreditation agencies and expectations of strategic partners);
  • Focused on the labor market and consumers;
  • Eңbek naryғyna zhune tұtynushylarғa ba бyttalғan;
  • Focused on the labor market and consumers;
  • Based on the principle of constructive consistency and consistency: the graduate's model, goals, planned learning outcomes, assessment and teaching methods;
  • Integrated with the latest research and innovation in professional practice 
  1. Graduate qualification model 

Graduates of the educational program 6B06102 Information systems can perform the following types of professional activities: design, production and technology, organizational and management, operational.

Typical tasks of the professional activity of a bachelor EP 6B06102 Information systems are: design and development of various components of information systems and information systems in general, installation, configuration and administration of the network infrastructure of information systems, design and administration of databases of information systems, maintenance.