Department of Computer Science

The Department of Informatics and Computer Science was established in 1985 under the guidance of the scientist, Professor KenzhegulovaH.K. Since the first days at the department, all conditions for quality education of students have been created. In the years 1987-1989. The chair was led by the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, senior lecturer Tleugaliev S.Kh. The first teachers of the department: BTTUN O.N., Iskakov MV, Zhumakhanov S.Zh., Atusheva M.K.

Since 1989, the post of head of the Department of Informatics and Computer Science was performed by Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor Minius G.M. (1989-2002). The department improved the methods of solving problems, laid the foundations of a knowledge bank necessary for future specialists in the specialties "Physics and Informatics", "Mathematics and Informatics".

In 1995, after the creation of the West Kazakhstan Humanitarian University named after AS Sokolov. Pushkin on the basis of the Ural Pedagogical Institute named after AS Pushkin. Pushkin's department was merged with the departments of physics and economics.

In 2000, in connection with the reorganization of the West Kazakhstan University, the Informatics Department was re-established as a separate department.

In the years 2000-2015. The department was in charge of:

- Senior teacher Raspopova I.V. (2003);

- candidate of sociological sciences Abulkasova DB (2003-2004);

- Ph.D. Kushekkaliev A.N. (2004-2005);

- teacher Khamzin R.A. (2005-2006);

- Candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Medeshova AB (2006-2014).

- Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Aitaliev E.S. (2014-2016).

- Since 2016 the chair is headed by G.S.Gumarov

Currently, experienced teachers work at the department: Ph.D., Associate Professor G.Kh. Zhusupkaliyeva, Ph.D., Associate Professor A.Medeshova, Associate Professor, phD Dr. Li Jeong Hyun, Ph.D. ., Senior teacher NA Darkhanov, Ph.D. GMMinius, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Aitalov E.S., Senior Teachers G.G. Mukhambetova, S.Akimova, M.M. Imanaliev, G.A. Amanturlina, Senior Teachers, Masters Zh.S. Iksebaeva, Zh.M. Muratova, D.Zh.Tlekkabylova and teachers, masters K.T. Mukaev, DN Kurmashova

In 2009-2010 the Department of Informatics was dissolved, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Department of Physics and Mathematics, and the Department of General Pedagogy were merged.

Since 2011-2012 academic year the Department of Informatics has been allocated to a separate, independent department.

The work includes modern computer classes, laboratories equipped with interactive whiteboards, Internet classes, electronic training rooms and virtual laboratories. Educational-methodical work at the department is conducted in accordance with the general standards of education, disciplines are taught in accordance with educational and work plans. One of the most fundamental is research. Research work is carried out due to the joint work of students and teachers of the department, the results of their work are actively used in the educational process: these are textbooks, teaching aids.

One of the elements of pedagogical skill is the conduct of educational work in the educational process: the formation of students' feelings of patriotism, diligence, individuality. In this direction curators in different forms spend with students of their groups events and curatorial hours.

Teachers of the Department of Informatics, taking into account the requirements of modern society, are able to set pedagogical tasks and solve them, have advanced technologies of teaching and upbringing, have the ability to lead the educational process, and prepare competitive, creative personalities.

Mission of the Department of Informatics

Upbringing in students such qualities as competence, communicativeness, the use of modern educational infrastructure and the implementation of educational activities in the preparation of future teachers that meet the requirements of the individual, society and the state.